Parish Leadership

Holy Family Vestry – Left to Right: Patricia Stimmel (Secretary), Loran Davis, Jim Braley, Andy Edwards, Howell Kiser, Terry Nicholson (Junior Warden), John Kirk, Phil Anderson (Senior Warden), Ginger Griffith, Amy Dickson, and Dan Ciomek (Not Shown – Treasurer)

A parish is how Episcopalians refer to a local church and the membership it serves.  The primary leadership team in a parish is the vestry.  Vestries work with the clergy to administer the temporal business of the parish.  Members of the vestry are elected at annual meetings and serve in a leadership role in the life of the church.  The vestry serves as legal representative of the church and it conducts the affairs of the church. 

At Holy Family, we have a nine-member vestry.  Three members of the vestry are elected each year at our Annual Parish Meeting.  Members serve a three-year term, with retiring members rotating off the vestry each year as new members are elected.

Class of 2024

  • Andy Edwards
  • Howell Kiser
  • Terry Nicholson, Junior Warden

Class of 2025

  • Jim Braley
  • Ginger Griffith
  • John Kirk

Class of 2026

  • Phil Anderson, Senior Warden
  • Loran Davis
  • Amy Dickson

To contact a member of the vestry, send an email to or call 770-893-4525.  Your communication will be directed to the member of the vestry you request to contact.