February 24, 2021

By Patricia Stimmel

After Ash Wednesday services last week, I went about running errands but first stopped by McDonald’s for an iced coffee. I placed the order and drove around, the little Mexican lady at the window started to speak but abruptly stopped, put her hands on her face in disbelief and cried out…’Oh my God, today is Ash Wednesday!’ She was upset, almost crying and repeated…’Isn’t that right lady, today is Ash Wednesday, oh my God!! I can’t go…oh no…I’m working!” I realized immediately that she was staring at my forehead with the cross of ashes. I said, ‘It’s okay, wait…I have something to help you…”, digging in my pocked for the little packet of ashes remaining from the service. The look on her face was tearful and so upset. I handed it to her and explained the ashes were blessed and it was perfectly acceptable for her to administer the sign of the cross. She kept saying tearfully, “Oh my God lady, thank you so much.” As I collected my iced coffee, I noticed her hanging her head out the window still shouting “Thank you lady…thank you!” Best iced coffee I’ve ever had! Patricia Stimmel