October 14, 2020

by Nancy Shapanka

Dear Members of the Holy Family Episcopal Church,

The last seven months have been uncertain times, but thankfully because of the generous donations to Holy Family in 2019-2020 the maintenance of the grounds, offices, and the church that we so long to re-enter has carried on. Careful planning and watchful eyes have stretched every contribution, ensuring uninterrupted support to local charities who depend on what the church has promised, to carry on the work they do so well.

As a volunteer for the non-profit Angels On Horseback(AOHB), I have witnessed our church’s contributions help curtail the lesson cost for families seeking emotional and physical healing equine therapy. This unique therapy for both children and adults outside the confines of a medical setting can be life-changing. Their success becomes my success. Their joy becomes my joy! Feel the success, feel the joy; give generously to Holy Family in 2020-21.
Blessings to all,
Nancy Shapanka