Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Each week on Wednesday, George Yandell, the Rector of the Parish, or other invited parishioners, share their thoughts on any topic that they choose. The most recent are presented here.”

March 10, 2021

The Rev. George Yandell, Rector


Not sure why, but some of the most striking, hilarious expressions have come to me from a few wonderful southerners. They made Lewis Grizzard seem tired and bland.

Annie Lee Brown, Guest House Manager at Virginia Seminary, former house mother for the Delt Tau Delta’s at Auburn: “She was going down like the wreck of the Hesperus.” “He is like a lost ball in high weeds.” “He is one egg short of a dozen.” “He’s like a blind dog in a meat house.”

Rick from Americus GA during Emory days: “When they were giving out brains,

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March 3, 2021

The Rev George Yandell, Rector


I owe Bill Pattillo for giving me that word “earworm”. He used it with me about 10 years ago- it describes that tune you can’t get out of your head- it keeps burbling up from your inner self, taking residence in your ear AND IT WON’T QUIT. Knowing the syndrome has a name does not keep me safe from its assaults.

Don Henley’s song ‘This is the End of the Innocence’ is the worm that’s been plaguing me for weeks.

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February 24, 2021

By Patricia Stimmel

After Ash Wednesday services last week, I went about running errands but first stopped by McDonald’s for an iced coffee. I placed the order and drove around, the little Mexican lady at the window started to speak but abruptly stopped, put her hands on her face in disbelief and cried out…’Oh my God, today is Ash Wednesday!’ She was upset, almost crying and repeated…’Isn’t that right lady, today is Ash Wednesday,

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February 10, 2021

The Rev. George Yandell, Rector

What passages/poems/speeches did you have to memorize in school? I mentioned in a past piece that my 6th grade confirmation class had to memorize parts of the Offices of Instruction (Catechism) about the nature of a sacrament. I can still recite the Gettysburg Address, mostly. And the Nicene Creed, and of course the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

Some people have much better capacity than I for keeping things they’ve memorized accurate and fresh in their memory.

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