Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Each week on Wednesday, George Yandell, the Rector of the Parish, or other invited parishioners, share their thoughts on any topic that they choose. The most recent are presented here.ā€

November 25,2020

The Rev. George Yandell, Rector

Power Grid

On the morning of July 22, 2003, the massive violent windstorm later known locally as “Hurricane Elvis” swooped unexpectedly across the Mississippi River, causing wide-ranging destruction throughout Memphis and Shelby County. At its peak intensity, the storm ā€” a “derecho” in strict weather lingo ā€” yielded winds of 108 miles per hour, close to the 111 mph threshold for a Category 3 hurricane.

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November 18, 2020

The Rev. George Yandell, Rector

November 18, 2020

The first time I took the Myers/Briggs temperament sorter was in 1976 just before seminary. The results said I was an ENTP (extraverted/intuitive/ thinking/ borderline perceptive/judging type). When I met again with the psychiatrist after graduating seminary in May 1979, I took it again (as required by the diocese of Tennessee- I guess to see if seminary had infected me with some aberrations).

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November 4

by Jim Reid

My fellow parishioners:

My path to becoming an Episcopalian is a little convoluted. I learned only in the past few years through genealogical research that my maternal grandparents were Episcopalians. At a young age, my mother became a Presbyterian; I wish I knew the details. My father was what Iā€™d call generic Protestant, details unknown. I married a Catholic lady but, although I attended church with her,

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October 28, 2020

by Miller Andress

Fellow Members of the Congregation of Holy Family,

Over thirty years ago, when Jenny and I joined the congregation of Emmanuel Church in Orlando, the Rector came to visit. In the conversation I asked him, “How do you decide how much to give to the Church?”. His reply was a simple “That’s between you and God”. After some thought I took that to mean that we were to prepare ourselves for that conversation by knowing about the entities that we are considering to receive our giving.

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